The project is led by a team of art lovers, who put their numerous professional skills at the service of the Uprising  Art portal.

Claire RICHER, Founder of

She graduated from Sciences Po Paris and obtained her MBA at HEC (Hautes Etudes Commerciales/ Commercial studies). After 20 years of professional experience in communication and marketing, Claire put her business expertise at the service of the contemporary art of her region. Born in Martinique, she is also an art lover and collector, particularly of the Caribbean art, and she was able to weave around her a relation network with experts of the contemporary creation of the Caribbean.

Clelia COUSSONNET, Project Manager

She graduated from Sciences Po Paris and is passionate about Latin-American culture. She has been involved with from the genesis of the project. Clelia is in charge of the editorial content of the Internet portal through in-depth articles and interviews, putting to the fore the news of the contemporary Caribbean art. She is thus the contact of the actors of the portal and of the artists.

Charles APANON, Strategy and Management Consultant

Charles is an economist who obtained a MBA ESSEC and a degree from Sciences Po Paris. He is experienced in management and development in institutions and has been associated to this project from the beginning and is particularly in charge of its strategic development.

Géraldine GENIN, Director of the Agence Tilt 

Since 2009, the Agence Tilt has put its skills in communication and management of projects at the service of actors of the art society (cultural institutions, galleries, collectors) and of collectivities and companies, for the engineering and the implementation of innovating communication strategies. Side by side with Uprising, Géraldine leads the development, logistics and communication of the ImageInAir project. More generally, the Agence Tilt assists in its communication.

…with strategic partners.

The steering committee of Uprising Art is composed of experts of Caribbean Arts, exercising their responsibilities in institutions or renowned galleries  ensuring the relevance of the content and collections highlighted on our platform.