The beginning point…
A central observation – in a world that opens itself more every day, particularly through the web –  contemporary artists from the Caribbean are, with few exceptions, insufficiently recognized outside the local area and too absent on international events, despite public and private initiatives that are emerging here and there, for a few years now.
These productions are by their diversity, dynamics and quality, necessary to contribute to the world’s wealth, .

An innovative project…
The aim of Uprising Art is to contribute to the long-term emergence and development of visual artists of Caribbean islands, through the use of modern communication tools based on the creation of a trilingual Internet portal that reflects the cultural diversity of the region, and through voluntary actions (participation in major professional events; round tables, exhibitions, special reports…).
The underlying objective is to transform this idea into a powerful and innovative project through the web and a network with partners, experts, gallery owners and artists, with the common perspective to enhance Caribbean contemporary arts.

A sustainable project
Educational and reference website,  Uprising Art aims to become the  first portal of contemporary art of the Caribbean. It will facilitate the discovery and knowledge of artists of the region, as well as local and international events involving the actors of the visual arts’ scene of the Caribbean, including its diaspora.

Uprising-art.com hence sets up 3 sections in which several contributions are offered: exposure for the artists; a complementary tool of commercialization; and a source of expertise for art lovers throughout the world:

  • The portal : a space of identification and presentation of the actors of Caribbean art which gathers the courses and profiles (biography, the projects they led, photographs…) of artists, experts, gallery owners, but also the places and publications linked to contemporary Caribbean art ;
  • The e-magazine : a space dedicated to the news of contemporary art that puts forward the artistic events, exhibitions, conferences in which the Caribbean actors intervene. The news of the Caribbean contemporary art sector are presented in an online review fuelled by daily articles, special reports and exclusive interviews ;
  • The on-line gallery : a space of commercialization where the artists, that wish, can put some of their artworks up for sale.