Festival, from July 25 through August 18, 2013

“Sole photo festival of the overseas departments, our ambition remains unaltered: to give amateur photography the place it deserves in the cultural Guyanese landscape, that the exhibited artists enjoy an international status or that they mainly excel at the regional level.

Another characteristic: to offer a globally-scoped programming, which is imbedded in the life of the region by ringing out its history, culture and multiple evolutions. Because in this territory in full mutation, we are convinced of the significant role photography can play, highlighting links, challenges and emotions Men go through.” Karl Joseph – Artistic Director

Among others, it is worth noting the exhibition Paris-Caraïbes by David Damoison (Martinique), at L’Encadrier in Cayenne.

David Damoison, Paris-Caraïbes, Le Voyage des Sens © Rencontres Photographiques de Guyane

David Damoison, Paris-Caraïbes, Le Voyage des Sens © Rencontres Photographiques de Guyane

Paris-Caraïbes, Le Voyage des sens : in 1995, David Damoison began a personal odyssey. It started in Paris, where he photographed the life of the Caribbean community in districts marked by multiculturalism, such as Belleville. He then decided to explore the Caribbean to grasp the daily life, but also the festivities and rituals of Cuba, Dominican Republic, Haiti, Guadeloupe or, more recently, Guyana.

From journeys to residencies, he pursued his creole identity quest and sought to establish gateways between these multiple societies. It was a way for him to resist the geographical dispersion experienced by the community and to give back weakened memories by globalization. It was also a way, for this photographer born in mainland France of a mother from Tarn and a West Indian father, to balance his cultural heritage.

L’Encadrier, 70 avenue Léopold Heder, Cayenne, French Guyana.

Exhibition on view from July 25 through August 18, 2013.


Headline picture’s credits : Poster © Rencontres Photographiques de Guyane