Carlos Estevez, solo show, , BrutEdge Gallery, New jersey

May 10 – June 19, 2014
*Opening reception Saturday May 10, 1 – 7 pm

BrutEdge Gallery and Galerie Bourbon-Lally  present the first solo show in the New York area of works by the painter Carlos Estevez. This exhibit will showcase some of his largest most detailed paintings from 2010 to the present.

Over the course of his career Carlos Estevez has been deeply concerned with man’s spiritual journey. Many of his paintings and drawings since leaving his native Cuba, have been concerned with the ethereal spheres and imagined spaces outside the realm of our palpable perception – and the various roads that can lead one there. Through his paintings, Estevez attempts to make sense of the vastness of the universe despite our inherently limited access to understanding it. Travel, whether real or imagined, is implicit in his visual quest and the most recent series of works presented here address this theme in Estevez’s characteristic poetic, sometimes hermetic yet always fulfilling use of his highly personal iconography that employs strategies such as maps, charts and other formal devices which help to classify and categorize information associated with a spiritual journey.

Journeys (real or imagined) through or against a current or veil of time are at the heart of Estevez’s creative process. To some degree this group of paintings focuses on the subject of water, its possibilities and limitations. This is not unexpected from an artist who comes from an island that, no matter how large and culturally developed, still possesses numerous inherent limitations of movement and possibilities of self-expression.

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